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04 May 2003 @ 11:01 pm
Anyone want to come over here and give me a backrub? I could really use one.

Maybe work would be more enjoyable if it didn't feel like someone was shredding my uterus into intsy-bitsy pieces. Sigh. Maybe next week will be better.

My dad had a Skeptical Inquirer or something open on the table and I started flipping through it this morning. I found an article about how PMS is amplified by how our culture treats it like a disease when it really isn't and how women shouldn't have to take painkillers or make excuses for their behavior. And my first thought was "This has to have been written by a man... or at least someone who has never had menstrual cramps that make you want to rip out your ovaries and bang them together." (By the way, it was written by a man and a woman.)

I wish I could say, "No, I'm sorry... I won't be using any of this... uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes. I'd like to return it all. Get a refund. Thanks. No, I'll keep the vagina, just take everything else." The Department Store of GOD, Customer Service Department. How may I help you?

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