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There. Are. No. Words.

No words for how angry Sebastian makes me. No words for how angry his family makes me. I keep having to set down the book and do other things because I get so.... grr. GRR! I just keep wanting everything to be good for him and Charles, even though I know that isn't how the story goes. but i want it anyway!

I rarely get so... involved. But, I dunno. It's a very tense book, in a lot of very strange ways.

I'm sort of... in this very weird place where I have no idea what to do with myself. There are a lot of things that I think I'd like to do, but for some reason I can do nothing except move between Brideshead and the computer. And I don't think Brideshead is very good for me at the moment. And I'm not really doing anything on the computer. Typing this. Looking for things to read. I could write or draw or work on the stupid site, but I'm not. Hell, I could be doing my homework. I'm not, really.

Right now, at this very moment, I have enthusiasm for NOTHING. Fuck all. Very strange feeling. Because I want to get up and move, but on the other hand... no. I don't. I'm sort of lost in this mental limbo. I don't even want to sleep, which is just biologically sanctioned mental limbo. I'm so in limbo that I don't want to move into good limbo!

This stopped making sense awhile ago, I fear. But, yeah. Limbo. Damn Sebastian.

o_O Another fancier of the old. Good for you I
guess. Charles is seen as a fatherly-type of
person, and is one you can open up to. He is
known to be amiable and very dependable. His
genius is only surpassed by his love and
understanding of other people. He makes for a
great companion with much affection, plus, the
baldness *is* kinda sexy.

Who Is Your Ideal X-Men 2 Mate? (ladies only)
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Well, I always did have a leeeetle crush on Capt. Picard. But I was kind of hoping for Magneto. Ian being all... dominating... is actually quite sexy. Woo, older men.

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