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I've begun to dread coming home. I don't want to see my father; he makes me edgy and unhappy. I also don't want to have to hole up in my room. I want to watch Brideshead... and gush over Jeremy and Anthony. But I don't want to have to do that with him here. Sitting. Like a lump. But he's not here today, so whee.

I like school all of a sudden; it's been providing me with some wonderful distractions from the angst and paranoia I'm feeling lately. I want to be at school so that I don't have to be at home. Because I feel so marvelously in control at school and so terribly, terribly out of control at home. Argh.

And I was driving myself nuts helping to set up the art show. I was rearranging and and worrying and fretting because some of the panel layouts stink (the ones I didn't do, naturally) and some of the little thingies aren't straight. I finished my oil pastel piece, though... so that's very good.

The Pops concert will suck. I don't really mind.

Contra mundum. Ooh, I ought to make an icon that says that.

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