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Happy Birthday to me. I can now vote libertarian, which I'm sure makes my father happy.

Watched Charlie's Angels last night. Again. Gnuh, Eric Knox/Thin Man. Pretty, pretty, pretty. And evil. But the idea is pretty. Tried to draw 'em last night. Crispin looks fine, of course... I've had plenty of practice with him. Sam Rockwell is... going to be more difficult. *sighs*

I... have to go to work. I haven't been practicing at all, so I'm sure I'll suck. Whoops, was supposed to go thrifting with Amy for Thespian Induction clothes. Maybe we can go tomorrow after/during school? Damn. I would much prefer to go shopping.

i'm a little plastic castle. and you are........?
you are a little plastic castle sitting ontop of
your head.
Most likely you don't care.
You're loveable and cuddly but a little bit mad.

which Ani DiFranco hairstyle are YOU?
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Ryan Stiles

Which 'Whose Line is it Anyway?' actor are you!?
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