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Oooohhh... *mental orgasms*

I could buy this. I really and truly could. Sacrifice a few paychecks and whatnot...

Lord knows what I'd do with it if I did buy it... probably pet it an awful lot. Take it to bed with me occasionally. Maybe wear the jacket.

But, ohhhh... it would be so nice... *covets like MAD*

*whines* And the Willard book... and the sequel... and the movie... and the sequel...

and Crispin's happy cd...

The Ben is Dead magazine with the Crispin article!

Very. Bad. Ebay. Gives me ideas. I need an account set up and money to spend and access electronically and yes. But then I'd buy stuff, you see.

Also, second review for the new Marty/George...

"Have you ever considered getting professional help?" (from 'Scarred For Life', apparently)

Yes, I already go to a psychologist and take three different kinds of medication. Apparently, this doesn't do much...

I guess I just don't get what there is to be so scarred about. IT'S PG! DEAR GOD, IF YOU THINK YOU ARE SCARRED NOW... YOU SHOULD SEE MY FANTASIES THAT I DON'T WRITE OUT! Ha, so there. I mean honestly... they don't even kiss in this one. Hmmm... it's because George is older, isn't it? But no one is being taken advantage of in any way... Marty is most certainly old enough to know what he's doing... George restrains himself very, very much so... really, it isn't all that sick, twisted, or traumatizing.

But I may be jaded.

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