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Review for Cold, Cold, Wet Day:

"This should be rated R for the subject matter -- you are getting way too perverse!"

From someone named La La, no less! Which is just fiddlefoddle, because everyone knows I'm the original lalasquee... (9__9 Right, lulusquee?)

Gah, I wish people would just accept the fact that I like weird things and move on. Considering some of the Older!George/Marty ideas I have floating around... I mean, how much more perverse can I get, eh? Ooh, watch me contaminate the Back to the Future section of ff.net, ooh ooh, bad me.

It's my right as a stupid American to be as perverse as I damn well please! And so I shall continue to do so! BAH!

And, just in keeping with a theme, I got most unique (most unique girl, anyway. I have to share the title with two boys) in my choir for the third year running. XP You either are unique or you are not; there is no superlative form of that. That's the very point of the word, dammit! Most weird, that's what I should be. Most bizarre. Most likely to form a harem of separate personalities within her own head.

Oh, and I saw Identity yesterday. That movie rocked my socks off, in a strange sort of way.

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