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I have decided that nothing matters...

But in a good, laid-back kind of way. Not in that messy depressed way that is most common to me. :D How exciting. A breakthrough.

And it's not that nothing matters, exactly. Because obviously there are a lot of things that matter quite a bit to me. The conclusion that I have come to is that no one else matters. Says the egotistical bitch from planet Moozba.

After an evening of browsing fandom_wank, etcetera, etcetera--you know... the circles that do nothing but criticize and/or make fun of other people?--I just think that too much time and effort is spent on worrying/being angry/indignant about fandom. This may sound slightly hypocritical, but I'll address that in just a sec, so keep your trousers on.

I... um... oh. So, anyway, I think people should just be free to do their own things. If you want to write about normal people growing wings, fuckin' hell man... write about wings! Father/son incest? Go, my dearest, and be proud! Vanilla heterosexual sex with love and schmooglies and teddy-bears? Have a great time! Why do other people who aren't all that interested care so much? What is this about "clogging" up a fandom? What's wrong with me that I don't understand? I mean, I'm only currently entangled in Willard and Back to the Future... and we all know how many legions of fans there are for those two movies. Or hey... how about Assassins? Helloooo-ooo... one person fandom calling! Do you accept the charges?

Harry Potter fanatics... Lord of the Rings fanatics... listen. I've been there. Now I'm in little hole-in-the-wall-type series. Fairly satisfied. But you'ns dabbling in the bigger fandoms should feel lucky. Appreciate your numbers, don't denounce them! Love them! They allow you this immense freedom in sub-groups and friendships and creativity. So there will be people there you don't like. So what? Deal with it, that's how life goes. Do what makes you happy and happiness will follow. This extends even to the most trivial of all things: internet fandom.

About flames: yeah, yeah... so if other people's opinions don't matter, why do I still post the occasional review on lj with a not-so-witty retort? Well, because some of them are funny. And all of them are perfect examples of people who are getting in a snit over something silly that they can't control. Namely me... and whatever it is I've written/drawn that is so offensive to the public good. These things used to bother me. They don't anymore. Mostly, I just like getting in a last word. I don't even remember most of what people say about me. The only insult that still sticks out in my mind is being compared to the Marquis de Sade. I mean, that's just precious.

Anyway, I'm poking fun at the people who addressed me personally. Communities dedicated to saying "Haha, isn't that stupid?" aren't doing that. They're picking and choosing from the worst of the stuff that's out there, most of which doesn't even involve the community members directly. Why care? I don't need to have human stupidity pointed out to me; duh, I went to a public high school for four years. It just seems like effort wasted... time that could be spent doing something far more fun.

Note that I'm not against f_w in any way. It doesn't offend me, it just confuses me. And I don't like it. So I just stay out. So, yeah. I'm not really a total hypocrite. Just a little one.

Remember children: flowers and ratpr0n are better than bullets and flame wars.

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