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Oh, hahaha.

"Our God is a veryveryvery fine God."

Never mind that. I'm feeling a bit randomized. I just woke up after much sleepies and strange dreams about having SARS and a very odd family picnic sort of thing involving the perceived family of a girl I have not spoken to in at least four years. :D One wonders about my subconscious sometimes.

Anyway, Sunday I graduated. My graduation gift from my father? A card with a chipmunk on it and the Spirited Away DVD. And then I forgot my top ten medal (the cheesy bastard) and had to run home between baccalaureate and commencement to get it, thus losing my great parking space. And then when tossing the caps into the air I... I accidentally hit a little old lady in the bleachers with mine. An action that perfectly describes me as a person, I think.

Also on Sunday, I found out that the Columbus College of Art and Design is willing to give me

$30, 000 !!!!!!!!!1111

to go to their school for four years. That's like... getting more than a year for free. I do appear to have to do community service, though, which I don't mind. But it will be a little weird, because I'm definitely not a volunteer/service-type person. My sole effort of community service during high school was painting a mural on a wall at the social services center, and I didn't realize that could be considered a community service sort of thing until afterward. So.

Then yesterday Helena called, kinda out of the blue, and asked if I wanted to hang out that evening. So last night we bought cappucinos and ice cream, talked about movies and the future, and then went to a porn shop near the mall and bought two Playgirls and a grab bag assortment of five gay porn magazines. It was the best fun I've had in quite a bit. Because porno stores are hilarious. I just wanted to make some sort of use of my new legality. they had midget porn!

And Helena is fun to talk to. It's nice to be with someone who sort of gets the doofiness wavelength because they too are on it.

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