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Why do birds suddenly appear? Over there? Over here!

I just watched Even Cowgirls Get the Blues. My two halves have been thusly traumatized:

Half #1: Eww... eww... creepy... creepyscaryguy! Ah, no, badbadbad smokerman! Find an ashtray!
Half #2: ... OMFG!!!!!1 It's Crispy having wild monkeysexxxxxx... ehehehe!

And we find that neither of my halves have left the seventh grade. Good to know.

But really... this blue cowgirl movie... man, he reminded me of a real life creepyscaryguy I knew who was, last I heard, in prison for breaking and entering and attempted rape. So that's not very nice. But other than that... tiny Crispin part, giant thumbs, and lesbian cowgirls. What a movie.

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