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Ahaha... ha.

Fate is a cruel and mean mistress. I can't sleep. ;_______; This is very bad. And there is nothing out there to entertain me. Well, yes... there is. But, gah... *whinewhinewhine*

And I forgot to mention...! Well, I didn't forget, I just didn't write it in. But, anyway, Emilia, Mike, and I got, like... group sexual harrassment from this guy at the park who was drunk or high or crazy and carrying around a giant stuffed Scooby Doo. He started out insulting me and trying to start a fight between me and the "guess your weight/age/birthday" guy and then said I looked like a "bigger Carrie." And he was afraid of me. And, uh, then he proceeded to start giving Mike sex tips saying, "I ain't never told no white boy this, so listen up." He used me and the Scooby doll for reference. I will never look at Scooby Doo in the same way again.

It was funny, embarrassing, and scary all at the same time. Scary in a subversive way. Ew, it gives me chills. This guy was extremely graphic in his descriptions which I do not need, thanks. >_o I hate people who come over just to bug us or talk to us without buying anything.

Other news: someone wrote fic about TheUberCute!Ferriman from Ghost Ship! Bad news is that it sucks. So I'm thinking I'll write a short piece someday... mmm, MYTHOLOGY and SYMBOLISM overload.

Also, I think the average Back to the Future fan has the IQ and reasoning skills of a louse. There are, of course, major exclusions. You know who you are.

Also... I've got a thought in my head about writing a Thin Man story with a lot of background focus and Thin Man/Eric Knox-ishness. Long story short: Romanian/Slavic/Croatian/Ukranian sort of origin (gypsies? Nomads? Cliched, but why not...?), ends up in an orphanage for some reason, blahblahblah, somehow ends up working for Eric Knox so there can be an actual story there, and... we find out a lot of the central logic behind the Thin Man's actions. Brace yourselves... (duhduhduhduhDUH, dramatic fade to black)

He's autistic.

Apparently, this isn't as far fetched as I originally thought it might be. And it can be used to explain the lack of speech/gutteral noises and screams he makes, the intense concentration and aggressive behavior, the vague isolation, the impulsive or irrational decisions, and (the crowning achievement) the hair-smelling fetish.

Also, I like playing around with the savant aspect (which actually occurs in only about 10% of people diagnosed with autism, but... it's a story, not real life). I've been wanting to write an elegant character playing the piano, but have always thought it too self-indulgent. (Well, so would be setting the story in Croatia. What can I say? Er... it's not making me any money and is for my own happiness, mostly? Yeah, that'll do.) But this would be sort of long if I decided to write it. And it still feels so contrived and cheesy. Plus, my mind has decided that Eric Knox is a lapsed Catholic, and that's just weird.

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