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I'm watching BttF II.

I just realized that in the alternate, Biff-controlled Hill Valley, George dies on March 15th.

I'd just like to point out that this was the day Julius Caesar was assassinated.

Think that anyone warned George about the dangers of the Ides of March?

Assassins moment ahoy:

Booth: ...When a president gets killed... when Julius Caesar got killed... he was assassinated. And the man who did it...?
Oswald: ... Brutus.
Booth: Ah, you know his name! Brutus assassinated Caesar what... 2000 years ago? And here's a high school dropout with a $1.25 an hour job who knows who he was. And they say fame is fleeting.

Actually, we watched a video about this in Latin. Julius Caesar was stabbed, I believe, between twenty and thirty times, yet only one of the wounds was fatal. The estimation is that about five men actually murdered Caesar, while others stood guard. Caesar's autopsy was the first ever to be formally documented and recorded.

What's Your Movie Dream Car?

by Auto Glass America

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