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12 June 2003 @ 04:41 am
Ooh, ahh, fucking traalaalaa...  
I sold a grand total of $10 today... yesterday! :D I'm going to die a slow, painful death!

I also saw a girl name Stasia whom I haven't seen for two... two and half years, maybe? She was in my art II class and was AMAZING. She was working at the souvenir stand across from us. But it was her last day. So, bleh... she says the park picks up a lot more toward the end of June. Understandable. Perhaps I shall stick it out.

There was a frog on my easel this morning. And, over the summer, I shall be amassing a giant army of the multitudinous chipmunks in that park and avenging my paycheck. Good day!

Questions will be answered more toward morning because I'm sleepy now.
Current Mood: incoherent
Current Music: Vocal Majority - Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho