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Do these people think we're all shallow idiots or what? This is for Nightspore's "How 'Bout Another First Kiss?":

"Sorry, but I just need to write this. I don't have too much against slash. But why is all this slash Marty/GEORGE? That is incestous slash, no matter how you slice it. Marty knows other men whom he could hook up with, not only his father. Please, write a piece of slash not starring George -- or at least not George AND Marty."

From the Almighty Flaming Trails.

Mmmkay. So, like, that was just a little note to point out that maybe we got something wrong here and we hadn't realized it? Because... well, of course Marty/any random guy would be so much better. How could we not see that? I guess we just accidentally looked over a few details is all. Of course to us slashers it should be okay as long as it's two members of the same sex. Right?

MMMMRRRRR! Wrong! Wrong! We have our OTPs too, moreso than most het fans, really. Marty/anybody but George doesn't really appeal to me. George/anybody but Marty doesn't really appeal to me. I've talked about writing Doc/Marty, but that's only because it's such an easy conclusion and the novelty of it would be awesome. How many people would I be able to piss off then, eh? EH? Besides, I write incest because I like incest. And I'm not trying to make it not incest. None of us are. It's part of the happy, damn you all. THE HAPPY!

What I should do is write my seriously awful George/Biff rapefic. SEE? ANOTHER PAIRING! ISN'T IT SO MUCH BETTER?????

Forgive me, but I'm so mean and nasty after coming home from work and I've been thinking about this all day. Because it makes me mad. And I don't have much else to do at work.

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