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I thought this was neat...

7 things I am afraid of
1. Democrats
2. Rejection
3. My mother's death
4. Illness
5. Seperation
6. Endings
7. Self-destruction

7 things that make me laugh
1. Stefanie
2. The Simpsons and Futurama (Matt Groening in general)
3. My kitties
4. Sports Night
5. Terry Pratchett (and the late Douglas Adams)
6. Ryan Stiles and the entire cast (British and American) of "Whose Line...?"
7. Amy and 'Walter From the Bar'

7 things that make me cry
1. My mother
2. My own self-loathing
3. The song 'Wonderful' by Everclear.
4. The ever gorgeous Josh Charles' lips (Hurt me! Hurt me!)
5. Frustration
6. Humiliation
7. Public displays of affection

7 things I love
1. My friends
2. Music
3. Art (both classical art and Art Alexakis ^_~ )
4. Hugs from people I feel comfortable with
5. Being thrilled beyond belief
6. Zero-chan
7. Orgasms (what? It's the truth)

7 things I don't understand
1. Most of the math and chemistry classes I took last year (I knew at the time...but now I have no idea what we learned)
2. Why Miss Cleo doesn't just use her tarot cards to play the lottery and get rich so she can retire and get off tv. Or help find that missing intern. Or something useful.
3. Why human beings are so mindlessly shallow and why, after millions of years of evolution, we eat at shitholes like McDonald's and watch Jerry Springer on television.
4. The art of tact and not offending people
5. Amy
6. People who like the show 'Win Ben Stein's Money'
7. Controlling, narcissistic people.

7 things on my desk
1. Four red glasses ("three calling birds, two turtledoves and a partridge in a...")
2. My glasses, which do not hold water...
3. 'World of Noise' cd case
4. A lamp
5. My Pablo tablet
6. An issue of 'Disney Adventures'
7. My computer

7 facts about me
1. If I sleep while the sun's out, I get tremendous headaches
2. I still take my childhood blankie to bed with me...and it's really only three tablecloths sewn together.
3. I hate Justin Herman
4. I get paid less than minimum wage for a job that sucks tremendously
5. I want you to want me
6. I like big butts (and I cannot lie)
7. There was a bat in my kitchen sink today.

That is all for now.

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