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Smell you later, Bart. Smell you later forever!

How would you punctuate this?

time flies you can't they fly too fast

First one with an answer wins a prize. Of their choosing. I mean it.

In other news... I never thought I'd say this, but I'm so glad to be working with Ian tomorrow. Why? Because he isn't Jessica. But, ick. My skin just crawls thinking about going back to that PLACE.

My aunt bought herself a dunebuggy. Good on yer.

I covet this. And this. And this (and I'd totally wear those boots too... I'm not sure where I'd wear them exactly, but I would). But I'd probably be equally happy with this. Or, ooh... this!

Well... almost equally. (Bad ebay! Not good for me while I'm on Crispin hormonal overdrive. Yar.)

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