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Ha HA!

Ok... I think I'm back into romantic-angst mode. Punk-ass rock-bitch mode is more fun, but I think I really need to save all that negative energy for Friday and Saturday.

Now the only problem is...

I entirely forgot that this SxL is making itself into a bit of an epic. Shitshitshit. I realized it the night before, right in the ten-minute time gap between getting into bed and falling asleep. And then, like the idiot I am, promptly forgot it the next morning, until I started thinking back... "Uh...what was the plot again?"

Goshdarnit. I used to write perfectly servicable short stories. Now they're all turning into mini-books. >.<

And in case you're wondering, this extended plot (beyond the sex, goddammit) spurns from the seemingly-innocuous-at-the-time line about Squall getting married. A common side plot that many yaoi writers use for the angsty stuff. But noooo-oooo... for me it manifests itself into a cute little scene with Laguna holding a bewildered, frightened, bemused, insert-adjective-here Squall (crying? Quite possibly. *holds onion underneath Squall's nose* ). Both of them in tuxes, of course... for the wedding.

I am slowly going crazy...

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