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Little help?

I really don't want to go to work. So, how fast can Stephanie dress? TWO MINUTES OR LESS. BAY-BEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

But, here's what I need help with. Can anybody think of Biblical characters who are a) betrayed, b) looking for revenge, or c) just plain evil and nasty warmongers?

I've thought of Samson, Judas Iscariot (he's a betrayer though and that doesn't quite work), Azazel, Cain, um... another A name I don't remember... And then there's...

Epipodius, patron saint of bachelors, betrayal victims, and torture victims. Or Dismas, patron saint of condemned prisoners, criminals, and other nice things... Or...

Jareb means a revenger and Jokmeam means revenge of the people. Jozachar- remembering; of the male sex. "The biblical Book of Job (xxxiii. 22) uses the general term "destroyer" ("memitim"), which tradition has identified with "destroying angels" ("mal'ake Kabbalah") and Prov. xvi. 14 uses the term the "angels of death" ("mal'ake ha-mawet")." And then, "destroying angel" in Aramaic (as far as I could gather) is "memhethbethlamedhnun N memhethbethlamedhnunaleph" (romanization sucks ass... it's probably not even anywhere near correct... in fact, I'll bet it's just the letters and not the pronounciation. Fuck).

So, in other words... people who have seen Charlie's Angels 2... what would you compare Seamus to in the Bible? This is very important (to me). And if you know anything about Aramaic... um, little help?

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