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Whoa, okay. I just spilled water on the RIGHT side of my keyboard. I’m a little nervous about things gone screwy, but if it’s just the numbers, then I’m cool. And I think I am pretty cool so far. Whee. New computer soon anyway, I suppose. Which will be a pain in the ass, but ehh…

OMG dorms are so small! *wibble* But there’s this space in the desk that I think might accommodate a ten gallon tank. With a rat in it. Schwee. I hope all goes well. AN ART SCHOOL THAT GIVES AS MUCH HOMEWORK AS HARVARD. *death* Sadly, all the people there just loved the caricature drawing thing… I’m not sure I can quit now. Though I did enquire at restaurant. Arrgh. Also, I had a $226 day. So that was nice. WITH MIKE WHO IS BACK FROM SPAIN AND STILL SUPAH-COOL.

Oh, and for “Cold, Cold, Wet Day” (of course):

“Er...um...well written...obviously...but the world doesn't need more incest promoting literature.”

Says you, bi-atch. Thpp.

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