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Man alive! There are men... alive... in here.

TheNightSpore: Reminds me - i have to go leave a nasty review for that ripoff story
roondaboot: NASTY REVIEW, oh... yes please.
roondaboot: And tell me what you write. *bounces* I wanna know!
TheNightSpore: "I liked this story, but I think I liked it better when Dr Worm wrote it as 'Strychnine'."
TheNightSpore: simple yet nasty
TheNightSpore: What do you think, too subtle?
TheNightSpore: *shakes head* man oh man, that story sucks ass
roondaboot: XD *dies* Man, that's so subtle... I wonder whether she gets it...
TheNightSpore: *cringes*
roondaboot: We're so elitist.
TheNightSpore: Well, hopefully. I mean, come on, really - when she's not ripping off you she's just redescribing the movie
roondaboot: And thinking that Willard/Socrates is wrong...
TheNightSpore: We're not elitist, we're just . . . um . . . . what's the word?
roondaboot: Better than everyone else?
TheNightSpore: Willard/Socrates is the whole point of the damn movie! Hello?!
roondaboot: No, wait...
TheNightSpore: Well, aren't we?
roondaboot: Haha, yeah.
TheNightSpore: *snort*

It's just that this story seems to have (un)consciously lifted a few of the elements of "Strychnine" or possibly "Virgin" since they're just the same story anyway. I know I'm probably the LAST person in the world who should feel the need and/or right to get incensed about this, but it's weird to read something and recognize it as being suspiciously akin to your own style when you're pretty sure you didn't write it. *shrugs*

And, because now is definitely the time for fanfiction.net dramas, here's a review I received for "Fog":

"surrounded happily by pagan worship of the Almighty Dollar.

I find this very offensive! I am a fan of the Thin Man obviously and I came upon your story hoping to read a wonderful piece of writing, not to be insulted."

Um... what? She doesn't deign it necessary to tell me WHY that's offensive. And, call me clueless, but I really don't understand at all. And if she came to my story for a wonderful piece of writing... she... what? When did I insult her? Good lord, I'm probably more of a capitalist than you are, so shut yo' mouth,

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