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Hello, frustration!

Brought on my work-stress, upcoming "vacation"-stress, Internet-not-working stress, and the sudden shock of a lack of amphetemines in my bloodstream. Arrgh. The past... however long it was I spent being terribly unhappy... just sucked. But I watched The Steadfast Tin Soldier for the first time in ages, because Jeremy reading children's stories makes me calm and sleepy... for a short while, at least.

How unfair is it that Mike and I are the best first year artists in the park... and we're also the two lowest earners in caricature drawing? Does this seem incongruent to anyone else? ... hey, the company has a website... *will say nothing about site design or amount of information*

Can't sleep. Am terribly wired and unsleepy. Oh my god, I had forgotten how much I HATE people watching me draw my own personal artwork. I was trying to draw in the breakroom today and was also trying to be polite... so I sat at a table with aquaintances... aaaargh. I got watched. And it's a drawing I don't hate, either, but I feel insecure about it because I was being watched as I drew. (Yes, this also means that I couldn't draw even the slightest bit of boy/boy action. Not even a G/M hand-holdy pic! It was two guys watching me! Arrrgh, damned luck.)

Also, I wish work people would just trust me to do the paperwork portion of my job. I DO NOT LIKE TELEPHONES. I DO NOT LIKE CALLING MY TOTALS OVER. I WILL WRITE IT IN TOMORROW MYSELF. LEAVE ME ALONE.

Danged machine, just work why don't you....

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