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18 July 2003 @ 01:12 pm
Oooh, rejection stings...  
Fictionalley said no to "Love Song." Observe:

"Thank you for submitting your work to FictionAlley. As you know, FictionAlley's four fic houses (Schnoogle, Astronomy Tower, Riddikulus and The Dark Arts) were set up to house Harry Potter fanfiction. Your work doesn't appear to be directly involved in this genre and for this reason we cannot accept the submission. If you wish to resubmit this, then we recommend that you expand upon the prose to include more of the Harry Potter universe.

The quoted material is difficult to see within the body of the paragraph. Perhaps italicizing the lines from the poem or using line breaks would help set them off."

Okay, it's just fanfic, but it's still art and I hate when people don't get my art. Particularly when it seems so simple to me. Apparently, I'm stupid enough not to have thought of setting apart the lines of the poem. People seem to assume this and then think their relatively simple suggestion is helpful. Um, no. I thought of it and rejected it. I want those lines in quotes because this isn't a songfic; it's not really structured around the poem... the poem is an integral part of the story. Setting the lines apart implies that you could take them away and the story would be no different. That is not true for this piece at all.

And I didn't realize that there was a set amount of canon one has to incorporate for it to be acceptably "Harry Potter" fanfic. This doesn't need names and I think there are enough references (to fathers, to monsters, to fame) to make the distinction clear. And I like the ambiguity... besides, if people would just get the reference to Hamlet, then I bet it'd make everything clear. Bastards. I wonder whether they'll accept "A Dreadful End to a Lovely Day."

Fictionalley has some good points, but I think this illustrates why I've never been very fond of it.
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mercurystar on July 18th, 2003 01:30 pm (UTC)
Irritating people...

I just finished reading that story, and personally I think it's beautiful and dark, a montage of imagery that leaves me slightly unsure of how I feel...which is a good thing.

Bah, what do they know anyway?
DrWorm: grrdrworm on July 18th, 2003 02:11 pm (UTC)
Oh, thank you sooooo, sooooo much. I'm really glad you like it! *feels slightly better now* Upon reflection, I think this pisses me off so much because "Love Song" is my favorite piece of writing and my favorite HP fic that's I've done in a long, long time. It almost effortlessly captures exactly what I want to say about the pairing and I'm so glad for whatever happy accident in my subconscious that made me write it. But I know not many people are going to read it (because, let's face it, in the Blockbuster video store of fanfiction, I'm the tiny shelf near the back of rarely rented cult horror films) and I like feedback and I like to get something I'm proud of out there. To be told that it doesn't meet these (rather odd) standards of canon (I could slip a name in; then I bet they'd take it) is sort of a blow, since it can't be anyone but Remus and Harry in my mind.

Whatever. *blows off steam*