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I'm really quite terrible...

Still not at work. I'd like to claim pain in the diodes down my left side, but really it's just pain in my lungs (I'm assuming lungs... bronchial tubes, perhaps) and mucous. And an awful fear of going outside and either a) being infected again or b) being burned to a crisp due to medication making my already light-sensitive self positively vampiric. That, and I don't want to go to Kaman's Fest. That, and I don't want to work at the main stand.

I don't want to work main. I don't even want to work Hyde's. I want to work on Sea Side all of the time, I think, regardless of the difficulty. Sea Side makes me feel secure, while Ride Side makes me stressed. It's a people thing. Fewer people on Sea Side and more of them have kids. Many more people on Ride Side, most of them loud and my age. I don't react well to loud noises or my generation, so I think we have discovered the problem.

I will go back and work Sunday at Shark. I WILL. >__< I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO AVOID IT ANY LONGER. I hope. I did this at school... staying away for a long time and then getting freaked about coming back.

Oh, and I keep forgetting to mention... I finished Good Omens a few days ago and am now enamoured of Crowley/Aziraphale and pretty much anything involving Famine or War. Anybody have fan art/fic recs for me? *puppy dogs eyes* GOOD fic recs, anyway. I've been flipping through what's on ff.net with limited success.

ETA: I also wrote a Marty/George fic for the latest contrelamontre challenge. >_< Not one of my stronger ones, I fear.

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