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Oh, go me. I just got into my email for the first time in... um... too damned long. And I have no messages. Well... that was truly pointless agonizing. *just got some spam. Whoopdedoo*

So. Still hate my job. Still somewhat pinkened. Still... I dunno. Restless. Mostly bored. I often forget what day it is. Every day is generally the same.

I bought new art toys that I have no time to use. Also set up scanner, though it doesn't do me a ton of good, seeing as I'll go straight from working five or six days a week (what's a weekend? My days off are usually Tuesdays and Fridays) to college. Haha, stress, someone kill me, mmkay?

Though I have yet to actually find a sense of true panic. However, I do often worry about how my wrist is holding up these days.

I saw a school bus today and got a little pang of nostalgia. Haven't ridden the bus in a year... and never will again (I hope). And I'll never have another summer, since I'll forever be working (since, truth be told, we can't really afford CCAD. See, people, this is why you start college funds before your kid is born). And I won't be doing caricatures next summer (again, I hope). I'd rather work in a book store, a pet store, hell... even a damn clothing store. I'd try for Hot Topic, except I don't think I'm punk-cool enough.

In fact, I'd really like to work at a pet store. Those fuckers do not take care of their animals properly, when I would gladly do so for minimum wage (or more, if you're feeling generous).

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