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Oi, motherfucker...

Still sick, somehow. I woke up at, like, four am with an upset stomach. Thought I was going to throw up, but haven't yet. Not at work, though. >_< I am pleased enough with my selling power for the week. Let's see... 196 + 205 + 407 + 85 + 81 = 974. 26% of that is $253.24. BUT, I hope to be using my 35% coupon for the 407 day. Thus, my pay would be... $289.87. Minus taxes. Not devastatingly awful for working only five days at that job.

Got a review for Cold, Cold Wet Day that I don't know what to think of:

"...And while I have to say that I found your other two G/M fics a little too cute with not enough characterization that explains the attraction between them, this one was REALLY nice."

Yeah, but wasn't that the point of the other two? Sappiness without any characterization? Dammit, I hate backhanded compliments like these, especially when they have me going back and rereading old stuff and thinking "Damn, they're right. This is crap." Makes me want to work some more on the kissy fic that has two paragraphs currently. And I do have a fourth G/M fic, damn you all.

Oh, but that one is too hard to read... and it neccessitates that you think and put effort into understanding it. So... ignored it is.

I had a very weird Good Omens crossover idea that both embarrasses and excites me. I suppose I'd be the only one in love with it, though, so writing it seems... unnecessary. *is deliberately vague and irritating* Haha.

*is also bored and somewhat miserable* Bleeehhhhhh. Someone love me?

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