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Oh. Shit.

Today has been a spectacularly weird day.

Went to the doctor and had blood drawn as I was told that I have to get an X-Ray of my chest and sinuses, seeing as my cough has not yet gone the way of the dodo, or the Tibetan monk. So, bright and early tomorrow morning, I get to skip back down to Tallmadge and get pumped full of radioactive SHIT. Motherfuckers. I'd rather not have a persistant rattling cough for the rest of my life, as my grandfather and father both do. I'd also rather not have a tumor or something (you laugh, but then I think of Lauren and her seemingly innocent little lump that turned out to be Hodgekin's Disease; it does happen).

So there was that. Then I get to work and find out that 6F is beginning to cut back their hours... park closes at six, not ten. So I was a) an hour late to my shift and b)still going to get off at approximately six o'clock. But I was also working with Mr. Joe "I Draw Way, Way Better Than You" Bluhm. Meeehhhhh.

Also ,I think Beau hates me. Shit, even Joe's caricature of me isn't so... hmm. Maybe he was being nice for once. But Mike and Beau are seriously nasty. Like... I get jenked beyond jenked and it fucking sucks. Even if he did stick a squirrel on there. What is it with taking away my eyes, you dorks!?

Upshot being, Joe drew me a Crispin which I want to hang on my wall and make love to, but not necessarily in that order. See? Being a pest does pay off.

There was more, but I no longer care.

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