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Mmmm, I wants my cable modem. ARRRGH. We do not have yet. Damn, damn, damn and blast. Tomorrow, hopefully. And classes start tomorrow so whee. My first class ever will be... um... painting, I think.

STUPIDEST THING EVER TODAY. Okay, so I have to do community service as part of my scholarship deal. A lot of people do. This woman who was outlining the whole thing to us gave out a sheet that listed stereotypes about the lower, middle, and upper classes and then read them off as if they were TRUTH, stating that we needed to know how to interact with poor people and rich people. Oh. My. God. I raised my hand and pretty much said that the information she gave us not only promoted stereotypes, but also vilified the rich and presented the poor as if they were all noble and heroic and loving and caring more about people and shit. Her excuse was that she didn't write it; she said she'd gotten it out of a book. My response to that is "Lady, you need to read different books."

Hmm... I guess I expected the people here at school to be a lot different from the people at high school. Though, what I'm being exposed to is essentially still the HS crop... still... I expected a little more maturity. What I'm seeing is that there's still a measure of popularity and it doesn't matter how much more intelligent or how much better I am at drawing... those things, considered an asset in much of the adult business world, are still nothing to these children. I'm really sick of pretty much everyone EXCEPT my roommates. I think they feel it too.

People are so weird.

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