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I... um... don't know.


My meal plan number is 88. As in "miles per hour?" *loffs* I don't even need to try to remember that.

Uh... oh, and my roommates and I have discovered the insane and wonderful world of sim dating. Particularly the ones where your whole goal is to have sex with the object of your simulated lust and cause them to have an orgasm. :D NOW THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT.

Fookin' A, this long weekend I shall write me some Mayhew/McCadden/Loner. Which would really be for Nightspore, but my own happiness would be the ulterior motive.

FUCK, I JUST REMEMBER SOMETHING SO AWESOME OMG. I have this picture on my computer of Crispin (which is from a movie... I think it's called Teachers or something) where he's wearing a vest and a white button-down shirt and his hair is parted just so and he looks EXACTLY LIKE J.J. FROM FAKE!!! I even grabbed the manga and called my roommates in for comparison. Exactly perfect. Oh, man. I love FAKE. And I must be the only person who loves J.J. Rawr.

And I hope to watch CA tonight to show off hot girls and oogle Crispin.

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