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I'm not sure, but I think that yesterday was one of the most exciting days of my life

Yesterday was Everclear concert #1.

It was also the most amazing thing that I think I've ever participated in.

The evening started with driving to Cleveland. Ok... no big whoop. The big thing was that we were 2 and a half hours early to the concert because Amy is nuts and wanted to be first in line. Well, she got her wish. We were first in line standing in the rain. For 2 and a half hours. Basically, we looked like dorks for almost an hour until other people started showing up. Amy struck up a conversation with a group of three guys while Lauren and I just kinda stood there. I think Amy asked one of them to homecoming... >.< Oy...

So anyway, Amy and Lauren both had umbrellas, but I didn't. I was very soaked by the time they finally let us into the gym (which was nice and toasty, by the way). But as soon as they took our tickets and stamped our hands, they frisked us! They confiscated Amy's camera and ran their hands up and down her legs, which freaked her out a bit because she was wearing a mini-skirt. They did the same to me, but baggy pants cover an awful lot, so... no problems with me.

Amy spazed about her camera for awhile, but we still made it to the front 'row' (Hey, everyone was just standing up and trying to push their way forward. We were just up front, right against the metal grate). Awesome spot, quite nearly center-stage. Exactly what we deserved for waiting out in the rain for hours.

The opening band was called 'Convoy' and they were... unique. I wouldn't say I hated them, but I really don't think they're my style either. Lauren and I agreed that Mr. Haney (one of the art teachers) would probably get into them. They had a very 70s-ish style. Their saxophone player/keyboardist was prelly cool, actually. Very cute. Looked a bit like Mark McGrath.

And then... Everclear! It was really great because we weren't tired out at all (like at the last concert) and we were able to keep up with all the moshing and screaming. Amy had the sign that she'd made about a week ago (kept it out of the rain and everything) which says "I'd be your Michigan Girlfriend even in a White Trash Hell". Get it? Song lyrics plus album title equals a cute little joke. She held it up during 'Amphetamine' because her name's in that song ("Amy goes to school all day, but at night in the neighborhood they call her Amphetamine"). Art saw it and stopped to read it. He smiled and pointed at her, even mouthing her name! We thought that was enough, right? Wrong!

At the very end of the concert they played 'Rock Star'. And whenever they play 'Rock Star' he hops down offstage and picks people from the audience to dance with him onstage while they play!And who was the peron he picked first? Amy! He came straight down and gestured for her to go up, which of course she did. He actually came by me and Lauren later on in his quest for people and he reached out and petted my hair. My red, curly, by that time ultimately frizzy hair. It was just so amazing.

So Amy had a great time onstage, dancing and bopping around. One of the guys we'd met outside got to go up and he was doing the craziest dance, just hopping up and down with his arms out. Even Art, Craig, and Davey were laughing. And when the song ended, Amy picked up her sign and got Art to grace it with his signature!

But wait. It doesn't end there. She got a backstage pass. When she came offstage, Lauren was screaming and I was bombarding her with questions. We were kind of afraid that only Amy would be allowed to hang out and wait for the bands (they didn't actually let anyone backstage, they just let the people with backstage passes hang around and wait for the bands to come out and meet them). So we just hung around and waited to see if we'd get kicked out. But we never did.

So Art came out first and he was talking to everyone, smiling and signing autographs left and right. When he came up close to me, I asked "Can I give you a hug, because you always look like you need a hug". He smiled, slightly bemused, and gave me a hug. When we pulled away he was sort of laughing and he muttered "I don't know whether that's a compliment or what". So I had him autograph my ticket and told him he made me cry (which he did; once again I cried straight through 'Wonderful', 'Father of Mine', and 'I Will Buy You a New Life'. Before he played '...New Life' he said something to the effect of "you should just care about the things that are important to you. Rock and roll, the people you love, life... everything else is just shit." I dunno... that really got me). Then I went and got Greg and Craig's autographs on my ticket. Greg has hair and Craig has an orangy-red mohawk! We were all telling him how cool his hair was. He had such a goofy expression on his face and he said "You ladies are too nice to me". I replied with: "No we're not."

So Amy was taking pictures all over the place (she ran and got her camera back after the concert ended), even taking pictures for other people and writing down addresses so she could send them out. She also mentioned to Art that we'd be at Bowling Green tomorrow. He wrote Amy's name and "+2" down on his hand and said that he tell them to leave us backstage passes for the concert! So now we have backstage passes for tonight too! Eeeek!

Before we left, I said to Art "You're going to be happy now, right?". He came up really close to me and said "What? What does that mean? I'm very happy". I kinda rolled my eyes at the ceiling (but just joshing, of course) and said "Well, you don't seem like it. We want you to be happy". He smiled, patted his chest, and said "I'm very happy inside. I just have a hard time showing it". And Amy said "Hey, that's cool".

And then we left.

By the way, he has a little Tinkerbell tattoo behind his right ear that says 'Stephanie' underneath, because that's the name of his wife. I know it refers to his wife (and not, of course, me) but everytime I saw it, it made my heart do a little jump.

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