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I love *dododo* little girls; they make me feel so good...

Uh... last night was weird. We went out and tried public transportation in Columbus, but there was an OH State game and we're dumbasses and so we're trying to get back to our dorms as the game is letting out. Drunk people + buses = scary. >___< And the only place that was open at that time of night was Blockbuster, so I have now aquired Ash Wednesday, Last Call, and Sister Mary Explain it All. For cheapos. Of course, no one else in our little party had heard of any of those movies.

OH State won, by the way.

Aaaaaand... I'm missing people and going to call mommy tomorrow. Yes. Fantastico. Then I also wrote a letter to Mrs. Costa, mainly to inform her of the Romany attitude toward marriage. I want to write to other teachers too, but I figure I'll come home eventually and just visit.

Still have to finish my 3-D design sketches, my 2-D design project, and my Drawing Fundamentals... er... drawings. All of which are so tediously boring. *snooze* I just thank my lucky stars that my high school art classes actually prepared me for this sort of work. So that I can goof off and draw my own drawings more...

I love *dododo* little girls; they make me feel so bad...

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