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Oh... duh...

I just sort of realized that probably a lot of people might get confused at what my class schedule is. So I decided to write out a condensed version. For posterity's sake, natch.

Monday- Structural Drawing, Computer Fundamentals.
Tuesday- Color Concept, Drawing 1 Fundamentals.
Wednesday- Fundamentals of Painting, 3-D Design, Survey of Western Art 1.
Thursday- 2-D Design, Drawing 1 Fundamentals.
Friday- Survey of Western Art 1.

Hence any abbreviations... FoP, 3-D, 2-D, art history, SD, and DF1. Like 6F for Six Flags, ya know?

All art classes! No math, no science, no crap! Artn't you all so jealous? Don't be... my workload is probably double that of yours... whoever you are.

There are "WE LIKE THE MOOOOOON!" t-shirts! Our entire room will be purchasing these at a later date. :D "Everybody, shake it buddy, DANCE DANCE DANCE!"


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