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04 September 2003 @ 03:07 pm
Oh... duh...  
I just sort of realized that probably a lot of people might get confused at what my class schedule is. So I decided to write out a condensed version. For posterity's sake, natch.

Monday- Structural Drawing, Computer Fundamentals.
Tuesday- Color Concept, Drawing 1 Fundamentals.
Wednesday- Fundamentals of Painting, 3-D Design, Survey of Western Art 1.
Thursday- 2-D Design, Drawing 1 Fundamentals.
Friday- Survey of Western Art 1.

Hence any abbreviations... FoP, 3-D, 2-D, art history, SD, and DF1. Like 6F for Six Flags, ya know?

All art classes! No math, no science, no crap! Artn't you all so jealous? Don't be... my workload is probably double that of yours... whoever you are.

There are "WE LIKE THE MOOOOOON!" t-shirts! Our entire room will be purchasing these at a later date. :D "Everybody, shake it buddy, DANCE DANCE DANCE!"

Current Mood: cheered up slightly by hippie professor and THA MOON!
Current Music: The Kix.S - Everybody! Shake It Buddy!
electriboogaloo on September 4th, 2003 05:00 pm (UTC)
YAY FOR ART! The kind with paper, too.. that rocks.
DrWorm: benevolencedrworm on September 5th, 2003 09:13 am (UTC)
4RT R00L3Z H4RDC0R3!

Your Momsilent_hotaru on September 4th, 2003 10:34 pm (UTC)
How many credit hours do you have?

I bet I can beat you with MY schedule. I have 20 credit hours. Check this out:

Mon - Music theory, Growth and Development (education class), voice lesson, woodwinds methods, performance class, Concert Choir
Tues - Music theory, Inclusion in the classroom (another ed class), honors seminar - ethnomusicology, music history, piano lesson, Concert Choir
Wed - Music theory, Growth and Dev, woodwinds methods, music history, sorority meeting
Thurs - Inclusion in the classroom, Rita's voice lesson (I'm accompanying her), honors sem, music history, Concert Choir, Chamber Singers
Fri - Music theory, Elizabethan quartet practice. (Fridays are looking pretty nice so far....)

This does not include my work study hours, practicing hours (piano, voice, and whatever woodwinds we're working on at the moment - clarient right now), percussion ensemble (which hasn't started up yet, it should sometime in the next few weeks), and sorority stuff outside of our meetings, which is quite a bit. Committee meetings, activities, all-greek activities, getting ready for future events like rush and Greek Sing.... The list goes on.

And does this include any kind of social life? Of course not. Free time? What's that?

*drops over dead* x_____X;;;
DrWorm: benevolencedrworm on September 5th, 2003 09:12 am (UTC)
Uh... 15 credit hours, I believe.

And, while you may beat me in sheer volume, I doubt you can beat me in tedium. All of my classes except for art history are studio classes, meaning they last about three hours and pretty much all we do is draw. My last DF1 class, I spent about two and a half hours straight on a drawing that is probably 8" by 5" big. For my 2-D homework, I spent at least an hour and a half gluing black squares onto white paper.

I also have freshman seminar work that I have to do, volunteer hours, and hopefully I'll get to take advantage of some of the clubs and activities here: Karate, Gay-Straight Alliance, Comic Production, B Movies, Anime... also trips to the museum and the cultural stuff happening in Columbus. PLUS drawing for myself and watching movies with the roomies. And homework. Mustn't forget homework. :P I'm busy too, dangit!
Your Momsilent_hotaru on September 5th, 2003 03:48 pm (UTC)
Ha, there's nothing to do in Tiffin outside of school. Besides Wal-Mart....

And yeah, I'll admit, you do beat me in tedium. All my stuff is usually interesting, with the exception of a couple classes. I'm just really, really busy. This year is the busiest of all, if I can make it through this year I'll be okay. Though next year I start student teaching and stuff like that. Though my big student teaching experience doesn't happen til senior year, we actually start getting field experience second semester this year. We've already been out observing and things. Scary, isn't it? Me in control of a room full of adolescents and teenagers. XD Eventually I want to teach at a college somewhere, though.