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05 September 2003 @ 02:31 pm
"Just want to tell you I'm sorry/I'm a bastard and it's true"  
This band is my new audio obsession. I recommend "Pretty Girls," "www.NeverGetOverYou.com," "It's Not Me (It's You)," "Strange Disease" (which always reminds me of Dee/Ryo), and "Queen of My Castle." And this song too... hell, pretty much all of them are sweet. Poppy Britpunk, if you're looking for a sound description. But DEFINITELY download "Pretty Girls" because it's amazingly cute and makes me smile. Then go out and buy the cds.

Read hardcore yaoi manga last night that Eden was downloading. GUH. Some of it was hot, but most of it was just funny. Heeeeeee. And then there's Yami no Matsuei, of course... we made it through the first... uh... five episodes? I think.

And yesterday I spent two and a half hours outside drawing an auto repair store. XD Gotta love DF1, right? Nah, not really. But guess how big the drawing is? 7" x 4 and 3/4"... quite tiny. And weirdly off-center. Oh well. It still looks pretty good, if chaotic. And still not finished. But I'll scan and hopefully put it up soon to appease people like my mother who are kind of freaked by the rest of my art. :D

Man... I have to go to art history soon. Joy. More slides. Also... I need a shower. Also... why can't I upload a new userpic? *whines* SPONGEMONKEYS! HELLOOOOOO???
Current Mood: mellowmellow
Current Music: Prozzak - Sucks To Be You