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"If you peel away the skin, is there anybody there?"

I'm feeling like Dee right now... like someone should be following me around (or, rather, I should be following them) and yelling "HORNDOG!" over and over in an indignant way.

But I also feel loved, so that's okay. *loff to the not-so-secret admirersweetheartdarlingk* And I have gouache on my foot. That's good too. Though I showed my color concepts project to my father and he was like "Why is your color concepts work in greyscale?" It's not. There is a tinytiny bit of blue in it. Very hard to see, but there. (And, yes, my project rocked so hard that my so-called peers went 'ooooooh.')

Anyway, I had an oversleep emergency this morning, but I seem to have made it through unscathed. Also I desperately need a shower but... ugh, class soon. Tonight I will. Fook, I am so lazy. No. TODAY! RIGHT NOW! I shall bathe!

OMG GACKT IS SO SEXY. He's like a real-life anime/manga man come to life. I'd be afraid to touch him.

Damn, I love this song. "I can be cruel... I don't know why..." I like singing it to myself while wearing the gypsy skirt because then I feel all sexy.

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