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Correction: Yesterday evening was the absolute completion of my entire life

And now I can die happy. ^____^

We went to the second Everclear concert last night. Left at 3 pm because it takes us about three hours to get from Kent to Bowling Green. On the way down, Amy made a second sign, this one saying "Art, I want to get lost in your World of Noise - Your Michigan Girlfriend" (Once again, song lyrics + album title = cute joke). She and Lauren fought over how it should look the entire way down while I sat in the front seat and drew a not too bad picture of Art (if you would like to view it, go here. You will also see a signed ticket and Art and Craig's picks ^^).

So we get down there around six and, first thing's first, we go and pick up our tickets. That went fine. But we also tried to pick up the backstage passes we were supposed to have and... bumbadadum!... they didn't have our names on the list.

Aw shit. We were very bummed out. So we went out and got something to eat, trying to cheer up and tell ourselves we'd figure something out, and that of course he couldn't have forgotten, right? And even if he did, it wouldn't be the end of the world. Obviously, he's very busy and all... we can't expect stuff like Friday night to happen all the time...

So we went back, got inside, got t-shirts (Amy and I both got a shirt that has a green star and 'Everclear' on the front and on the back says 'White Trash & Proud of it'), and sat down. We were extremely far off to the left and way up high. So we were a bit bummed about that (still had an awesome view of the stage though).

And then Amy saw a lady with a backstage pass. She asked her how she'd gotten it and the lady apparently told her how to track down the guy who had them. So Amy and Lauren went in search of the elusive passes and when they got back -surprise!- they had an envelope that said 'Amy Rogers' on the front and inside there were... two passes.

I was left in the lurch. But Amy and Lauren were both reassuring me, telling me that they'd get me in no matter what, and that Art would remember. So I did my best to forget.

So, before the show started, some of the tech crew guys were tossing extra picks out into the crowd (the Bowling Green show was Everclear's last show for probably at least a year... so they had a whole ton of picks to get rid of). So they're tossing 'em out and I managed to get an Art pick on my own ^^ But Amy and Lauren didn't have any... the guy was trying to aim for us, but it just wasn't working. The guys in front of us were getting very lucky, though. So, eventually one of these tech guys just gave up, climbed up to where we were sitting and gave us three of Craig's picks! We were laughing and the people around us were laughing and clapping a bit. It was great!

And then the same guy reappeared a few minutes later with three backstage passes because 'we were such good sports'! I was overjoyed, of course, because now I didn't need to worry about getting in. Amy and Lauren sort of shrugged and managed to give one away... but I was quite grateful.

So the show started. The opening band was 'Red Wanting Blue' and they were very, very good. Much better than Convoy. The lead singer was very cute and very... energetic. Their songs were pumped and after seeing them, I really want their cd. ^^ It may take some hunting down because they're a local band. We'll find it though...

And then... once again...Everclear! Essentially the same show, but still more awesome than I could ever hope for. We jumped up and down and screamed even though the stage was so far away. People around us were a little bemused, but it's ok. We'll never see them again...

Highlights of the actual show were as follows: during 'Rock Star' one of the guys they pulled onstage puked toward the back (nobody saw it during the song except those of us with a good view in the audience -and probably poor Greg- but Art's face when he found out was pretty great. "Ewwwww!"), Art lying down on the stage with Davey jumping over him (both still playing their guitars), Davey lying on the stage with Art jumping over him, Davey throwing a mini-tantrum with the tech guys, Art gesturing that the tech guys needed to bring the volume up now, Craig singing, Greg's salute, devil horns, and 'Strawberry'.

Ok... so after the show we're sticking around and Lauren is the one freaking out now because she wanted a picture with Art and all of our cameras are in my dad's car and he kinda left 'till midnight. ^^;; So she was worried and Amy and I spacing out.

And then the band arrives. We were all sitting on the bleachers waiting for them and our little group was a few rows up. Art had to stop at the first row and converse with them first, but he kept glancing up at us with this expression that pretty plainly said "You guys are more interesting and I want to talk to you".

He finally got up to us and said something like "I see everything went well for you girls". We didn't bother to tell him about the crises with the passes. He said hi to Amy and gave her a hug. I got a hug too, once again saying that he's gotta be happy. Amy showed him her new sign. He told us that he'd been looking for us in the crowd and had been planning to pull us up onstage for 'Rock Star', but we were nowhere to be seen! We pointed out where we'd been sitting and he got the idea. Amy said something about how only Bowling Green students could get floor tickets. He remarked how that was like the Matchbox 20 tour; only Matchbox 20 fans could get tickets. We found that pretty funny, considering we'd gone to one of the shows on that tour and we'd been pretty far back (on the floor, but still pretty far back).

Amy asked him when they'd be back in the recording studio; Art said they'd be seperating and doing their own thing for about a year and then going back in together (So all Everclear fans take heart!). I told him about how I liked his 'Tinkerbell/Stephanie' tattoo because that was my name too and he smiled. We let him go off and talk to other people, but still hung around inside because we couldn't leave until midnight (we acted like we didn't want to leave though... Art had asked us whether we went to school at Bowling Green or Case Western. We said we were from Kent and he immediately said "Oh, Kent State then". We didn't contradict him). So I staked out my own little spot between the bleacher seats. Art wandered by at one point and asked me "Comfy?" I said "Very" and Amy added "Surprisingly so" because we'd just been dicussing the merits of sitting between bleacher seats. ^^;;

In the end, Lauren and I ended up with pictures. I had to go hunt down the car and get chewed out, but it was worth it. Art is a nice guy and extremely patient. Got a signature for Zero and even made sure he spelled her name right.

We are blissed out. Pictures will becoming soon, just so I can prove this happened...

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