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Fanfic beginning. Dun hate me, please?

Look! And I'm even including an Oingo Boingo quote! I HAVE BEEN CONVERTED!!!

The series? Yami no Matsuei. The pairing? Muraki/Tsuzuki, as it the OTP for this girlie.

“You can fill yourself with static with the ghosts up in the attic.” - "Don't Go in the Basement" by Oingo Boingo.

The Attic Scene

“Welcome, dearest.” The cramped, confined angles of every corner closed in around him, choked him with dust that settled thickly in his sinuses. He tossed his head and long brown bangs whipped against his forehead with a slight sting that widened his eyes and colored his cheeks. A smooth, white hand drifted out of the darkness and reached to press a porcelain-cool palm against the heat of the blush. “Welcome to my home.”

Tsuzuki shied away from the touch like a skittish horse, jerking his neck a second time and shivering as locks of his hair met resistance against long, skeletal fingers. He took a reflexive step back and bumped his hip against the sharp corner of an ancient table, its rotten wood crumbling at the first contact with his body. The vibration of objects unsettled by his touch shuddered through his thighs and a pale blur streaked through the darkness past his startled eyes. There was a soft clunk and a small sigh of apparent relief. Tsuzuki squinted, vulnerable and confused in the darkness, and placed his hand gingerly upon the mahogany surface, so deteriorated by time and lack of proper care that the lacquer had rotted away and splinters snagged in the delicate tips of his fingers.

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