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The foozeball table in the lounge makes a good little fort for someone my size. Just letting everyone know.

Ah, crap. And I still have structural drawing to do. It's not that I'm a slacker; I just prefer not doing things. And angsting. But, wow, Saiyuki really helps to get rid of the angst. Saiyuki yaoi. Sanzo/Hakkai yaoi. Hello, obsession, I've seen you someplace before. New favorite quote:

Evil guy: W-wait! You said ten seconds! That was only two!
Sanzo: I suck at math.

HahahaHA. Good moments. I'm a bad person. I still like slash written about American or Brit series better, though. For some reason, animefic never rings quite true for me.

Yar, I eat turkins for brunch. Despite the fact that it hurts to breathe again. I hope that's just a false alarm and not bronchitis or the sinusitus or something. Ah well... can this still be true even if it is? Mmm, Hakkai...

Which Saiyuki character would sleep with you?

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