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Nnnrg, frwwwglsk, jrrrgh, I'M AWESOME!

Okay, no I don't want to be a replacement Black Mage in your little thing. I want to be the Sanzo figure. I want to be the surly monk with a gun, dammit! I even wore a tan skirt and sandals today in preperation.

... and I'm not a big dork or anything.

Anyway, I have aquired the first Battle Royale manga (it makes me so sad) and a Cheap Trick t-shirt that says "I want you to want me" over and over. *happy sighs* It was such a struggle finding one to fit me too! Rrrr, disorganized Hot Topic! But still... isn't it great that I fit into a men's size small? ISN'T IT? I like to buy things with little S tags.

Also, I have discovered my new incentive to lose massive amounts of weight: XXI. The best clothing store ev-ah. I seriously wanted about half the stuff in there. And it was a BIG store. Oh man, they had this cuuuuute little outfit that was, like, a charcoal grey skirt, matching vest, and white men's style blouse. *dies* It's like a JJ outfit for a girl! But, sadly, large breasts don't look good in vests.

Oh, and the much anticipated comic store sucked ass. Spellbinders in its prime could have kicked its dusty ass.

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