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Why yes...

Shrieking peals of laughter irritate the fuck out of me. >__<

What else? Really bad, stupid in-jokes. People who seem to think that others don't have eyes or brains and so must VOICE EVERY SINGLE LITTLE THOUGHT THAT POPS THROUGH THEIR HEAD! See an apple... "Apple!" See a book... "Book!" And so on and so forth. Yes, we can see that it is an apple or a book. And we can read what is written on the book. You don't need to read it for me unless I'm far away or unwilling to pay attention.

Repetitive jokes. As if it's funny after the fifty millionth time... know when to retire your jokes, people, please.

Being chastized by my peers. You're my peers, goddammit, not my parents and I don't like you. Speaking of peers... all these people in my classes. Do they have lives? Do they do things besides homework?That's ALL THEY FUCKING TALK ABOUT. And I know it's a common, unifying problem and all, but yeesh... you must be hella boring if all you can talk about is color concepts work. I don't get some of these people... don't you draw outside of class for your own enjoyment? Doesn't that interest you more than structural drawing?

Also there are no words for how much little Miss/Mr Perfects piss me off. Rub it in my face that you not only got an A, but you did it without making yourself crazy. So, trust me, I take a little selfish pleasure in seeing my technical skills surpass yours, and I take it without feeling guilty.

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