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25 September 2003 @ 02:01 pm
nanomango has entranced me, although it sounds like a kind of fruit.

So... what shall it be? I am torn between the original story I have in mind (about boylove and circus freaks... called "Ringmaster," tentatively) and a comicful adaptation of Nightspore's currently untitled suppliment to his Charlie's Angels story...

Note that the CA one is pornographic and far more dramatic than the more fluffy "Ringmaster" could ever be, no matter how many bondage circus outfits I come up with. More interesting imagery too. I mean, beyond the sexual/rapist images. How can you not be endeared to a baby Thin Man? "It stalked the teddy bear, chirring a deadly serious falsetto growl..." Rawr.

Or this: "The Loner was perched on the catwalk's railing like a gargoyle, its arms crossed casually over its knees, watching him." Can't you just see that? Very dark... eyes in shadow... and the architecture behind him forming a wing-like pattern? Or... "Slowly, as he watched, the Loner dropped one shoulder to the floor and half-rolled, so it was staring at him upside down." I love that... cat-like, for sure...

Huh... I wonder if I'm allowed to even do that. It's not quite the same as a doujinshi. More of a collaboration. But I reaaaaaally don't want to write my own stuff. Too much effort. I just want to draw.

Current Mood: working
Current Music: Laura Love - Come As You Are
Rosedarthneko on September 25th, 2003 12:19 pm (UTC)
*g* you're pretty much allowed to do anything you like! And that's very cool imagery. Very very cool.