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Goodbye cruel world

Because, you know, I don't really need all this shit. Fuck it. Fuck it all. I do have better things to do in my life and, let's face it, the online community wastes my time and my energy.

I'm so mad right now I don't know whether to cry or just lash out impulsively, let my words be the knives and guns that our communal society morals won't allow me to actually turn on other people. (Oh, but it will let me turn them on myself, won't it? Suicide might be a crime, but you can't punish a person who's successful, so what's the fucking point?)

I suppose I'll just leave with some words of Eden-wisdom: "...the more vulnerability you see, the more you just wanna destroy..."

And I have better things to do then feel guilty for being me.

ETA: SHIT. I didn't realize how... bad this sounded (in retrospect "goodbye cruel world" wasn't the best way to begin). I just go through fits of temporary insanity when I'm angry and confused. This was meant to be more sarcastic, I suppose. I just felt like I needed a break. Naturally, I have big problems breaking from the Internet, so we'll see how long THAT lasts.

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