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"Shut up or I'll kill you."

And that's one way to solve problems! Go, Sanzo, go! And I... er... Hakkai will be right behind you. *grins* "Can I ask you something?" "If it's a stupid question, I'll kill you." *gush* Theirloveissosubdued!!!

Spent this morning... yeah, morning... watching more Saiyuki. We've made it to the fourth dvd... which we'll have to finish eventually. Sadly, we were so... loopy... that the already slightly dirty Saiyuki became majorly perverted. Also, you stroke a computer to get it to eject. *nodnod* "It's on my finger!" "Ewwww... that's GROSS!"

These are the happy memories I am creating for the future, by the way. Just to let you know. Happy memories that have nothing to do with classes. Like structural drawing? Jesus, I HATE that class with such a passion... though it makes me wonder how many people out there can say that structural drawing is their worst subject and color concepts is their best. :P Snarf. Art school, yo.

*this song kicks the ass of all your music*

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