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I am not a happy kitty...

No rest for the weary! Push ever forward, futile in your struggle!

... row, ya bastards!

*whines* Crispin! I want him! I want him handcuffed to my bed so I could have something to snuggle at all hours of the day. Eden and I decided that if I did manage to get Crispin handcuffed to my bed, he would probably accept his fate with that quiet, shy sort of puzzlement he usually seems to have in public. Ah! Super cuteness. (We watched Bartleby this morning... duh).

We also watched Stigmata. For plausibility, it rates about a zero... for climax, about a one. For sheer prettiness? FIVE FUCKING THOUSAND. It makes me want to go back to my lapsed-Catholic Eric Knox... since "Mary Mary" by Chumbawamba reminds me of him... "I'm so up and down/And I love what's not allowed/I was lost, now I see/And now I'm growing old disgracefully/Whatever happened to Mary?"

That and the St. Michael chapters of Yami no Matsuei made me think of him. OMG, CHURCH OVERLOAD!!! *guh* "Thank you for flying Church of England; cake or death?"

Something else about Yami... oh, right... the image of Bartleby working in Meifu is stuck in my head thanks to Nightspore. >__> Staring... at the air conditioning vent.

Well, it makes me laugh.

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