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04 October 2003 @ 08:27 pm

Crapmonkeys. >_> Is it a cold mixed with sinusitis mixed with bronchitis? I may never know. BUT I AM NOT DYING! I REALLY AM JUST MELODRAMATIC. IT IS ALL VAGUELY UNDER CONTROL.

Why is this building so goddamned HOT! >_< Arrgh, kill it.

News of the hour: last night Eden and I stayed up until seven in the morning watching Weiss Kreuz (English... horrid dub), Chobits (much better dub), Fake (Japanese! Ryo's soft, pansy voice!), Yami no Matsuei (the Kyoto arc, Japanese... ahhhhh, Muraki!), and Saiyuki (Japanese... is it blasphemy to say I like the English dub much, much better? Aside from Hakkai and his soft... pansy... voice. "Maa maa...").

Wait, now I am chilly. Should probably close the window, but then I will be hot again. OW, sudden headache. Sudden sleepiness and inability to function... no, bad.

Lookit the disgustingly pretty Yami no Matsuei site. That is in Russian. I can't read Russian. Still... pretty pictures.

ETA: Oh, and Watari is far cuter in the Japanese version, simply because he doesn't... sound... like... James... from... Pokemon. >_< Yes. Fantastico.
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Current Music: Apocalyptica - Enter Sandman