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Somehow, this song seems fitting...

Uh... rawr?

Homework time! ("Naked time!" XD) And laundry time! No, really... I'm going to do my laundry. >_> For real! I'm not kidding this week!

Clearly I suck at... you know... practical things.

Ah, shit. It's my dishes week too. And my nose is all like "NO! YOU SHALL NOT BREATHE OUT OF ME!"

I still cannot believe that this is Stacy from American Hi-Fi... O_o Uh... it is, isn't it? I'm not just making things up again?

... and I wish my brain didn't think Koumyou Sanzo/Kouryou (uh... is that even how you spell it?) was a good idea. *wanders off to stare at the pretty Koumyou, Kouryou, Shuuei color picture* Yay, finally found it... I'm sorry, but the paper airplanes endeared me to Koumyou. Actually, it wasn't that so much as the fact that he understood complimentary colors... and blue and orange are the best complimentary colors, after all. :D *is a dork... a dork who is talking to herself*

ETA: ... a dork who is talking to herself about Saiyuki. Y'know. In case you were lost.

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