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05 October 2003 @ 07:28 pm
I've had this song on my computer forever and I only just realized that I like it. Um... duh. But it's just so... different. :D Rough.

"Outta Me, Onto You"

no no no no no no no no no no no no
no more
no no no no no no no no no no no no
no more
no no no
no more

it's gonna be sudden
it's gonna be strange
i'm gonna turn on a dime
give you five cents change
it's gonna be long
it's all gonna come out
outta me, onto you

outta me, onto you...

one of these days
you're gonna push too hard
we'll go on like we've always done
'til you go too far
yeah one of these days
it's gonna reach the top
then it's gonna start to spill
and it's not gonna

outta me, onto you...

no more...

some people wear their smile
like a disguise
those people who smile a lot
watch the eyes
i know it 'cuz i'm like that a lot
you think everything's okay
and it is
'til it's not

outta me, onto you...

no more

some people wear their heart
up on their sleeve
i wear mine underneath my right pant leg
strapped to my boot
don't think cause i'm easy, i'm naive
don't think i won't pull it out
don't think i won't shoot

outta me, onto you...

most people like to talk a lot
including you
you know there isn't much i have to say
that i wouldn't rather
just shut up and do
i'm gonna miss you
when you're gone
yeah i'm gonna be torn
just remember that i love you
just remember you were warned

outta me, onto you...

no more...
no more

I guess that's one of the cool things about Ani Difranco (and Tori Amos also, I'm finding): she is an aquired taste. Heh... it actually took me quite awhile to fall in love with Puddle Dive, but now that I have... damn her prolificness! If I had more money, I'd have more of her cds... and eventually I suppose I'll have to aquire a Tori cd as well.

And one of my original characters is beginning to remind me of Hisoka (Yami no Matsuei) which kinda sucks because I don't like Hisoka. And it's not as if I've gone so far as to craft personality or anything (god forbid)... just the expression on his face is enough. >_< Stupid, stupid me...
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Current Music: Tori Amos - Siren