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Except that I had to buy everything myself and the RAs are mad at me for not picking up my packages promptly. But, oh... Christmas morning never looked so sweet...

The tally:

Two wallscrolls, one Saiyuki and one Sailor Moon (with SATURN and MISTRESS 9)
A pack of Saiyuki playing cards (PRETTY PICTURES, OH MY YES)
A Sailor Saturn pin (... leave me alone. She is teh pretty)
Three doujinshi (Saiyuki, Trigun, and Yami no Matsuei... and the Saiyuki and Trigun ones are filled with steamy boylovin'... whereas the Yami doujin has Tsuzuki in a maid's outfit and Hisoka in a nurse's outfit)
The Complete Works of Willam Shakespeare... Abridged on DVD!!! Special features!
Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd... *duhduhduh*

Transmission OK's cd which includes the song "COWARD" which means that I can FINALLY STOP SEARCHING FOR IT. Oh, man. Now I just have to find "Razorblade" by Mercury...

And this weekend when I get Willard and the Lion King on dvd... my life will be almost close to complete. Well... it'll make it like a puzzle with one central piece missing. *sticks tongue out at you*

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