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13 October 2003 @ 02:26 pm
I feel icky. Paxil withdrawal sucks. Dizzy, nauseous, stomach muscles contracting and releasing... s'not the cool. Especially not when I still need to mount my structural drawing assignment after computer class. >_< Stupid computer! I know how to use you already! (Extend to stupid Photoshop, stupid Painter, stupid... whatever. You are not difficult.)

Actually, my father and I had a mini discussion last weekend about people who have severe trouble with computers... about how some people may simply be missing an area of logic that allows them to grasp both the abstract and concrete elements of using a computer. I maintaint hat it has to be some sort of problem solving thing... says the girl who spent four or five years innvolved in a program specifically focused on the logic of problem solving. But it occured to me, as I was manuevering through the Macintosh OS (which I'm not used to but am still able to navigate), that it must be a sort of common sense/logic/thinking things through gene that people are missing.

That was relevant. Anyway, I downloaded OpenCanvas finally... when will I have a chance to use it, I ask? *whimper*

I have also decided that my current layout must be changed... even though it'll be a royal pain in the ass to do so. I did my background layout last night; it's an image of Dr. Nii in demon and human form with lyrics from Tori Amos' song "Precious Things." *shrugs*

I'm sorry mommy... you'll no longer have Harry there on the side... *pets poor Harry* It's been fun, kiddo.
Current Mood: sleepysleepy