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I am Darth Vader!

"I run the Death Star!"
"What's the Death Star?"
"... you're Mr. Stevens?"

Eddie Izzard = mad as a hatter/genius. Indeed. I am still enjoying the Circle dvd immensely, despite it's rather unsatisfactory length (after Dress to Kill, I suppose I feel a little cheated).

It's really weird to read other people's opinions of Eddie... like... well, mostly the not so flattering ones. Because, okay, the first time I watched Circle I was like "God, he seems sort of tired." He seemed to be missing some crucial manic energy. But now that I've gone through it three times, I think it's still there... it's just been 'subsumed' a bit. ;P Well, anyway... I think his material in Circle is as good as Dress to Kill's... it's just got a more developed style to it. A little less vulgar and a little more intelligent.

But really... really... I don't laugh out loud at stand up comedians, generally. But, oh, I laugh at Eddie. Sometimes I turn on Comedy Central, you know... watch the American stand up... it's crap. It just is. Poor Mr. Izzard... I get the feeling that he likes America, he truly does... he just can't stand Americans. Though his American accent has improved since D2K.

In a completely unrelated note of sort-of interest... I was going through ljmatch.com and decided to take the normal test again. I found this question that I'd forgotten about:

You're on the highway in heavy traffic. Which driving style most closely resembles yours?

Then one of the two answers is this:

"See, I have this system, and if everyone followed it we'd all get there quicker..."

That is very much me... it just makes me laugh... here, have an image: me sitting in traffic formulating little football style plays in my head. Because I do.

nerdcakes 41%
copperpoint 40%
chibi_angie 40%
vongroovy 31%
mercurystar 29%
psychobarfly 28%
simmysim 20%
eag 20%
davechicken 18%
birdyjae 15%
silent_hotaru 13%
nikki_nekochan 12%
dmp 12%
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copperpoint 102%
nikki_nekochan 102%
trancekuja 102%
kemayo 98%
zeblith 98%
amazingrando 95%
blackgarden 95%
electriboogaloo 95%
fistshaker 95%
glorybox 95%
katzebot 95%
idiotparade 93%
dmp 92%
eag 92%
sillypants 91%
babytalk 91%
tchan 91%
silversolitaire 89%
hokuto 89%
sylk 89%
magicallyd 87%
hortonhearsawho 86%
lisaofdoom 86%
keelywolfe 85%
katie8787 85%
g0djillaaa 84%
chowderhead 84%
davechicken 84%
silent_hotaru 84%
katzebot 81%
mercurystar 80%
sojblue 80%
scattdayap 78%
versaphile 76%
simmysim 76%
jb_slasher 76%
nerdcakes 76%
vongroovy 76%
ink_blots_101 72%
oneirus 72%
resinwarrior 72%
darthneko 69%
etiolate 69%
wildcherries 69%
birdyjae 69%
fricknfrack 69%
jellyfishkiss 69%
psychobarfly 65%
chibi_angie 61%
disc_sophist 61%
dorkorific 60%
amaterasu 57%
lysimache 54%
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