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Because nothing lasts...

I've clearly been cooking up some serious karmic shit. So as soon as things got too good, they had to go and get really bad just to even things out. I know that's how it works because there's a Dilbert cartoon about it.

"Through it all, at least I'll always have you, my friend."
"At least until my good luck kicks in."

Don't worry though, they've leveled off to mostly normal.

Yeah, right. As if people are really worrying.

I'm very confused. This is the first time in my life when I've felt the need to look deeper into actual relationship dynamics and think about what I want and what makes me happy and what doesn't. Most of what I want seems unconventional, and I wouldn't have a problem with that if I wasn't scared that I would somehow hurt myself or others. I'm feeling a bit overly watchful and completely and utterly puzzled.

And I'm still avoiding my homework.

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