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Ugh. What day is it?

Weekends confuse me. *stares at her BttF car drawing* I don't want to finish you, I think. Sigh. Pain in body. Comfy bed. No, I don't want to finish you.

I got to play hero last night, though I won't say why because the whole situation is sort of... silly. But I will say that I was promised banners of yaoi for my worry. So that's okay. Whether or not I get it. (And do you ever wish people would just listen to you when you clearly know more than they do about a situation? But they don't. Seriously, it's like being fucking invisible.)

Oh well, no one listens to me under normal circumstances. It's that Mr. Cellophane syndrome.

Oh, and I have a new, beautiful, developing obsession. Ludwig II. The first volume of which is scanalated at ob-session.net. And I think the second and the third have been done too, somewhere else, but I have yet to get them. So. Except that I read that first volume and then... bought the three volume set. I can't read it, but oh how I want it. Mad homosexual kings and their loyal servants... ah, Creation of Adam! It's so beautiful. I love it. Two and three are here, by the way...

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