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The most Back to the Future-y day ever...

First of all, I finished my structural drawing project. Yep. A highly inaccurate interior of the Delorean from BttF. But I don't care. I'm feeling pretty good about it actually. Why?

No critism. No making fun of me and my drawing. Not even indifference. Straight praise all the way through. I was amazed. My cheeks were bright red, I'm sure. Still... god I love feeling superior! Mmph. Except... well, then I'm just isolated again. And now I'm wondering what the real point is. Okay, nevermind. It did feel good for awhile, I guess that was the point.

Then this evening I was walking downstairs and I heard "Hey, McFly!" My head shoots up. Directly across from me is a guy wearing one of those life preserver things... like Marty wears. Some other guys come up behind him and I start to hear various snatches of dialogue, including, "dork thinks he's gonna drown!" *fangirl squees* If he's dressing as Marty for Halloween, I'll just die. And if there's a George somewhere... oh. my. god. The world will have ended from the squeeing.

Oh, and I tore the skin off of my lower lip. This has nothing to do with anything, but it hurts.

ETA: I got my Cheat hoodie today, even though it was supposed to stay at home. Ah well... And on the order form, it lists it as "Hoodie: black with yellow The Cheat." I don't know why that makes me smile, but it does.

I'm bored and antsy now. And did you know that staring at the IM does not make certain people come online?

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